Education has always dealth with how much marks is scored by a student in any examination. Everyone is least interested whether the student has understood the subjects or not, the only centre of attraction is the grades. The students have also possessed a mind set up where they are only concerned with the completion of their syllabus of the term and get excellent scores. But this scenario have changed in various schools especially in the best daycare boarding schools in Gurgaon where more emphasis is offered on the fact that what the child is learning and how the child can be involved in the studies so that he/she studies the context with utmost concentration.

It is found after various research on the mode of teaching where the main motto was just to complete the syllabus and not to focus on the students unable to understand the concept and didn’t perform as per the expectations because if the concept of any matter is not cleared then it becomes difficult for the brain to retain that information for a longer duration of time. This is the reason that the best day boarding school in Gurgaon has started focusing on the personalized form of learning.

So you should be ensured from beforehand that in the day care boarding school in Gurgaon you are enrolling your child should motivate your child to play freely, time is spent on doing various projects that offers your child to learn at their pace and also enhances the chances of independent learning among them. So you have to choose the best preschool in Gurgaon because all these tactics can be used in the natal stage of the child. As the child is small so it becomes easier for the teachers to mould them as per their wish. So if your child is inculcating the independent learning skills from the very beginning of his school years then he/she will definitely become an independent and confident individual in his future life.

Independent learning helps your child to make wise decisions in their lives, face all the crucial situations of their lives with patience and confidence. All these behavioral skills ensure your child to become a successful individual in his career and personal life. Best day care boarding school in Gurgaon focuses on enhancing the self dependent skills in their students.

Every child learns in a different pace so each child should be offered equal opportunity and time because these becomes the motivational factors for becoming an independent learner.

The best day boarding school in Gurgaon follows the below mentioned points to motivate their students to develop a habit of independent learning in them:-

1. Allow their students to know their goals of learning:-

Every child has their own learning capacities and the ways through which desires to learn. The best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon permits their students to know what their learning goals are and when they have decided then they can take the assistance of their teachers to know them.

2. Allow the students to supervise their goals:-

The teachers of the best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon help the students to supervise or monitor their goals once they have decided their learning goals. The best way to help students to monitor their learning goals , the teachers offers the, self assessment tests through which they can understand how much the students have able to grasp. If the students are unable to perform well in the test then the students are asked again to go through their context and reassessment is taken.

3. Flip classroom is introduced:-

The best day boarding school in Gurgaon has introduced the concept of flip classroom to motivate their students for self paced learning. This new concept of classroom means that both the teacher and the students are involved in the teaching –learning process. The students are asked to do a thorough research on the topic which has to be taught in the class and the students have to explain it to their class mates. The teacher duties transforms from teaching to becoming a facilitator, that means the teacher only looks after the class and makes sure that everything is happening at the right pace.

4. Group Discussion Vital part of the curriculum:-

Group discussion may be known as the best way to judge the knowledge about the topics by the students. So the top ranked daycare boarding school in Gurgaon conducts group discussion classes often in their daily routine. The teacher acts as the moderator and the students discuss about any topic. So in this way the students learn news things about the topic and also share their known information with their peers at the same time.

5. Mentor students on self-assessment:-

The teachers helps their students to prepare their own self assessment tests , through which they learn in details about the topics because the students prepare the tests and while making the self assessment tests they become more clear about the topics and the subjects.

6. Motivate the students to work with the classmates:-

Top ranked day boarding school in Gurgaon motivates their students to share knowledge, experiences and gel up with their classmates. This way of learning stimulates independent learning in the students. In future the students have to collaborate with various kinds of people in their professional life, so if they will learn collaborating with their peers from the early stage then they will be developing social skills which are incredible for work culture.

7. Stepwise learning for home assignments:-

As the main motto of the teachers of the best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon is to upgrade the independent learning skills in their students, so it’s very important that the home assignments should be focusing on the same agenda. If the home assignments are different than the routine curriculum followed in the school, then the students will not be able to become independent learners.

8. Reflect to each pothers learning:-

The teacher has to share a topic with the students. Henceforth the students share their knowledge and the learning outcomes. Every student in the class will surely pick a different segment from the topic and explain their learning outcomes. So in this manner every student’s learning outcome will be reflected to every child. This enhances and encourages the child for independent learning.


Lancers International School is the best day boarding school in Gurgaon that fosters on the holistic development of their students where in independent learning is the vital part of it. Personalised learning is always triggered by this school. Individuals with self paced learning tactics and independent learners are the ones that become successful in their future endeavors so if you desire to make your child one of the brightest star in his/her life then its best to enroll your child in the best daycare boarding school in Gurgaon.

Along with defining their learning goals guide children on how to monitor their learning, put some self-assessment tests in place for them to figure out how much of the concept they have grasped, if they do not do well, let them go back and learn it once more and take a reassessment.

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